Each of the three projects in the Fresh AIR study used a different model of residency in schools.

Project 1   3 artists in 3 schools

This was a teacher-designed curriculum-embedded model of residency. A team of specialist secondary visual arts teachers from the same region worked together to create the residency and implement it over the three years. A total of nine artists worked in each school over the duration of the residency. In this model, the focus was on enhancing curriculum, teaching and learning outcomes related to the study of visual arts in the three participating schools. The artists worked alongside the teachers directly addressing curriculum content and processes. The diagram below shows how this model was structured.

Project 1

Project 2   Park Road Studio

This was an arts organisation designed residency model that took place in a single K-12 school over three years. The arts organisation involved was an urban contemporary arts company based in the city. This residency model utilised four Aboriginal and Torres Straits artists from different art forms. Year 1 involved a dance artist, year 2 involved two music artists and year 3 involved a visual artist. This residency focussed on the artists’ practice and a studio space was provided for them within the school. In addition to creating their own work during the residency the artists helped create performance and exhibition work with small groups of students. The artists also participated school-based community events in the local urban area.

Project 2

Project – Room 13

This model of residency was designed and managed by a suburban community youth arts organisation, utilising the Room 13 model of AIR (For further information about this model of AIR see ). This residency operated in two schools – one local primary school and another secondary special school for students with severe mental health issues.  One key artist worked at both schools for each of the three years and at times this artist was joined by three other artists/arts groups at the primary school with one additional artist at the secondary school. The aim of this residency was to: establish a creative hub using the Room 13 international model in both schools to explore performance, visual and digital arts, fueled by young people’s curiosity, experiences and leadership.

Project 3

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