Evaluating the Impact of the Fresh AiR Initiative 2014 – 2016

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Evaluating the Impact of the Fresh AiR Initiative 2014 – 2016


This research blog has been created by the research team Dr Christine Hatton (University of Newcastle) & Associate Professor Mary Mooney (Western Sydney University) for use by arts and education organisations, researchers, teachers, artists and students interested in the study and implantation of innovative arts education partnerships. The researchers conducted a three-year mixed methods study into the NSW Fresh AIR Initiative from 2014 – 2016. This was an arts education initiative that involved three sustained artist in residency projects in six government schools in New South Wales, Australia.

In many countries around the world there have been innovative arts education partnerships designed to give students and teachers authentic arts experiences with the aim to improve learning and community outcomes in schools. In recent years arts organisations and educations systems have brokered arts partnerships with a purpose to impact learning, teaching and deepen community engagement with and in schools. This blog is dedicated to a recent initiative in NSW schools were artists worked in schools for sustained periods, often becoming embedded in the school communities where a reciprocity of arts practice could develop over time.

The Fresh AIR Research Study aimed to

  • to evaluate the value and effectiveness of the input, process and output of three school-based artists-in-residence projects
  • to understand how the residencies build the creative and learning capacity of students, teachers and artists.

The research was funded by Arts NSW (now called Create NSW) in partnership with the NSW Department of Education and Communities (now called the Department of Education).

Download the full report HERE.

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